The Lions in Copetown were chartered on March 23 1976. We have been serving the community of Copetown for over forty years. Time flies!!!

Several significant events have taken place during that time. The first major project for the club was the construction of one of the best baseball facilities in the area. The impetus for the construction was to serve the needs of the local area teams from the surrounding other small communities of Rockton, Lynden, Sheffield and others.

Early in the formative years of the club, the members constructed a food trailer that was utilized for many years, traveling to local events such as antique shows, motorcycle races, fairs and festivals, all with a small community theme. Since that time the original trailer has been replaced with a newer model that serves us well.

There have been other projects that have benefited the community such as the recent completion of a quality playground that included the latest in child safety that serves the community of Copetown and surrounding areas. Soon after the club was granted official status it was unanimous among the club members there was a need for a community centre in the Copetown area.

The members took this to heart and embarked on a lengthy fundraising venture. In the fall of 1992 the centre opened its doors and began serving the community. The centre continues to this day providing a viable community service. The Lions Club manages the community centre with a serving member acting as hall manager with an oversee committee made up of club members and a representative from the community that is not a member.There was a mortage on the community centre and because of the efforts of the club members that mortgage was discharged not long after the facility was opened. Since then the centre was transferred to City of Hamilton ownership.

Not to rest on their laurels the membership purchased a plot of land adjacent to the community centre property. The original plan was to develop the land as a seniors residential project. Despite the efforts of a hard working committee,  the obstacles of water and sewer issues the project got stalled in red tape and was not pursued any further, much to the disappointment of the club as a whole. The land has since been sold to private concerns, the club is utilizing the funds in their donation campaign. This initiative has gone a long way towards offsetting the disappointment from the non-completion of the senior’s residential project. It was a lesson well learned, the club can take some solace from the fact it was not for a lack of effort from the membership.

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